NEW DATE - JULY 30th - AUGUST 1st 2020

2020 NASTA National Championships

Hutchinson Sports Arena Kansas / Bob Crouch 262-391-1165 /

You can register online at

Welcome to the new NASTA webpage!

 The NASTA (North American Sport Taekwondo Association) is a Grassroots Organization dedicated to providing a safe environment where honor and integrity are emphasized at all levels, from the Athletes to the Coaches and Officials. Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of excellence so that every athlete is inspired to set and achieve personal goals in a manner of integrity, honor and respect. We believe that honest and fair competition builds character and confidence in our athletes not just in the winning but in the effort put forth during training and in how we handle defeat. We strive to encourage even our least experienced athlete to challenge themselves to become better, try harder and develop a winning attitude. 

Warrior Taekwondo BEGINNER CLASS Watertown, WI.


STARTS Tuesday, March 24th - Tuesday, June 9th

Students learn a few new techniques in each class, followed by practice and review.  The next week's class will go over the previous week's lesson, add a few more techniques and review once again and so on.  In the last class of the 12-week program, the students can test for their belt rank next level.  We will be going through: 

Bullying situations

Child safety, and protection awareness

Self Defense 

*For those that find they would like to compete, we have a competition team with NASTA they can join.