Warrior Taekwondo Club of Wisconsin

 Warrior Taekwondo Club offers many programs to those who just want to try Taekwondo, those who have a martial arts background, or even those individuals who are looking to get into a challenging/fun sport!
If you have any questions or are just curious to get some information then Grand Master Bob L. Crouch would love to speak with you.

Why should I choose TAekwondo for my child?


Can DO Attitude!

Can DO Attitude!

Can DO Attitude!

 Taekwondo is more than martial arts. It is a way of thinking and a way of life that improves not only the physical well-being of your child but his or her attitude as well.  



Can DO Attitude!

Can DO Attitude!

  The first thing taught is the bow to show respect for the teacher and fellow students. While preserving their unique individuality, the student will become a better-rounded person. We teach our students to contribute to society, respect the seniors, have compassion for their juniors and treat the environment with respect. They strive to become a more disciplined, focused, and peaceful individual. 


Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Self Confidence

 The practice of Taekwondo promotes peace, harmony and, often can lead a child to establish a friendship with someone once thought of as a foe. Students will overcome a fear that naturally develops in a confrontation. Confident and free of fear. 


Belt Rank

Self Confidence

Self Confidence

 White Belt-Novice (beginner)

Yellow Belt-Novice (beginner)

Orange Belt-Novice (beginner)

Orange Stripe Belt-Novice (beginner)

Green Belt-Intermediate

Green Stripe Belt-Intermediate

Blue Belt-Intermediate

Blue Stripe Belt-Intermediate

Red Belt-Advanced

Red Stripe Belt-Advanced

Black Belt


Beginner Class

Students learn a few new techniques in each class, followed by practice and review.  The next week's class will go over the previous week's lesson, add a few more techniques and review once again and so on.  In the last class of the 12-week program, the students can test for their belt rank next level.  We will be going through: 

Bullying situations

Child safety, and protection awareness

Self Defense 

*For those that find they would like to compete, we have a competition team with NASTA they can join. 

STARTS Tuesday, March 24th - Tuesday, June 9th

Every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

$10.00 one-time registration fee

$10.00 per class 

Uniform is not necessary. (If you prefer your child have a uniform they are available for purchase.)

Pay Options

 $10.00 one-time registration fee

$10.00 per class 

Cash, or Check at the studio 

PayPal on this page 

Facebook Messenger 


  306 E. Main Street  Watertown, Wisconsin 53094  



Beginner class fees

$10.00 one-time registration fee

$10.00 per classs

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card